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The Future of Real Estate 



Residential Sales and Leasing

At Millennial Money Real Estate, we have a dedicated team of highly trained professional real estate consultants for residential sales & leasing. You will get sound, accurate advice regarding property investments. Our team will provide you with tailored solutions and are available 24/7. We ensure that you get expert information paired with the current market trends and the best services.


Commercial Sales and Leasing

A team of trained professionals available 24/7 focusing on the commercial sales and leasing aspect of investments. With a wide range of options to specifically cater to our clients budget, requirements and preferences. 


Virtual Reality Technology

Using cutting edge VR Technology we have upgraded the process of traditional Real Estate Property finding that much easier. 


Millennial Money was founded by an Entrepreneur focusing on everything digital, from a Retail division to a Wealth division. The Real Estate division will change the brokerage industry in Dubai by offering you a wide range of boutique brokerage services focusing on the future of Real Estate Investing.

Owning Real Estate provides security, safety and opportunity for individuals, be it an investor or end user. We at Millennial Money have a defining culture of doing much more than just selling real estate. We also have established a Retail division giving other entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their products on our various online platforms and a Wealth division focusing on Digital Assets and the Stock Market.


As a boutique brokerage we offer tailor made solutions. We have redefined the traditional model by building specialized departments ready to give clients unparalleled expertise and a positive customer experience. 

We are backing the regions initiative focusing on the VR space in the Real Estate sector ensuring our clients have a streamlined digital experience.

Welcome to the future of Real Estate Investing.

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Al Barsha 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates​

Tel:  +971 50 969 9786

Mobile: +971 50 969 9786

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